Nadal shoots down federer as a distraction

Hendrick is currently 2–2 (2–1 ATP), although the Swiss’s win in Sunday’s second day match gave him a three-point lead over top seed Roberta Vinci.

“I know Rafael is a big guy and I am sure a little bit intimidating but I have to respect him,” said Mendes. “I said during the break that he wasn’t nervous but I think in the last couple of minutes he has been much more focused. I think it is a good sign that he has confidence and he has to work harder.”

That may not be the case against the veteran Nadal, who beat the American by a narrow, first-set fourth-set margin in his first start since March.

“I think he is a very, very tough competitor and I know what he is capable of doing, but I have to focus on what needs to happen,” added the Spaniard. “I still don’t think he can win a tournament, but as a big French guy I have to give him respect and I think he will continue to do that.”

Federer and Nadal look for points on third sets in Wimbledon on Saturday

If he is to reach his first Wimbledon title as the favorite, Federer will need the support of Federer: Rafael will likely do more damage to him than anyone who won both clay and grass majors this year, and while a win there would be nice, he is a much different카지노 사이트 player, Nadal said, and will have to do better with more of the technical aspects of the game in these conditions.

A point would not be out of the question but Nadal and Federer both need to step up a level on Sund룰렛ay.아산안마 They have yet to face each other in a Wimbledon final, and while an upset isn’t out of the question, a win is.

“When you see the Federer, Nadal, and Dominic play together, the level they can play with the other players is unbelievable. I think that they are pretty similar players,” said the British coach. “They have a lot of technical match-ups; they can play against the best players on the floor and I don’t know if that has reached that level yet. It’s very hard to win this tour, to have that kind of technical match-up with the best players in the world on your shoes.”

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