Showdown in syrian town of al-Qaboun, northern Jordan; militants have targeted government positions and a military facility in western suburbs of al-Qaboun

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for Tuesday’s suicide assault감성 마사지 on a government checkpoint in northeast Damascus city and for killing a member of President Bashar al-Assad’s security detail.

The suicide bomber, a member of Assad’s army, entered an army base in Idlib province that was manned by about 6우리 카지노0 soldiers, killing three men and himself and wounding four others before detonating himself, the group said in a video statement.

The attack was the first in the province since the start of Syria’s civil war at the end of March. The army had called it an attempted assault as it was manned by fighters from al-Qaeda-linked Free Syrian Army.

Assad’s office said Wednesday that troops from the army’s 19th Division opened fire on the armed gunmen who crossed the border and destroyed a militant command centre in the coastal town of al-Hasn.

Syria’s army, which has allied with rebels to fight the Assad regime, said it was responding to the attack to “protect Syrian citizens and to the people of eastern areas.

“The security situation in eastern Syria has stabilized and the army is ready to respond when necessary to respond,” it said in a statement issued by the army.

Al Jazeera’s Mohamed ElBaradei, reporting from the rebel-held northern city of Deir al-Zor, said the security situation had improved as troops pulled back in May and many militants had begun moving out of the area.

But his military colleague Ali Hassan, meanwhile, said the army would continue to confront militants.

“There have been heavy clashes betwe영천안마 영천출장샵en the army and the Al-Qaeda-led rebels over the past weeks,” he told Al Jazeera from Deir al-Zor. “We have not noticed any change in the situation since last Friday.”